ZAN’S exhibits in Nanjing

The 4th edition SmartHK will be held in Nanjing (江蘇省南京市) from

“10 -11 June 2014”

We will keep up the momentum to promote how ZAN’S excellence can assist the Mainland enterprises to “transform and upgrade”. We, ZAN’S will participated in the Creative Sector of Hong Kong pavilion together with other sectors, such as, technology sector and professional services sector via exhibitions, plenary conference, thematic seminars, business matching and networking events.

Smart Hong Kong in Hangzhou, 2012 August

Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu province which commands strong influence on the Mainland economy. Jiangsu’s GDP ranked the second in China. And as a key driver of the national industrial output and economic advancement, it is the only province with the most private enterprises in China for 12 consecutive years. Through this event can offer us an invaluable opportunity to grasp first-hand information of the mainland market, especially Nanjing & Shanghai and expand business networks.


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