ZAN’S has been the pioneer registered brand of ZAN’S Global Limited since the company was established in1995. It is one of the outstanding brands created and marketed by a Hong Kong designer.

ZAN’S Global Limited began as a one-stop solutions provider for OEMs and ODMs, while at the same time developing its own ZAN’S – branded collection. The ZAN’S collection brings fun, joy, surprise, freshness, fashion, excitement, appreciation and convenience to people who care about their lives and living. All the products in the collection are eye catching, yet practical for the modern home.

Today, ZAN’S customers span over 30 countries around the world. ZAN’S out-of-the-box ideas and products bridge across cultures, languages, customs and habits. The products are not only creative but have also been recognized for their functional excellence through an assortment of design awards namely: International Design Award, iF Design Award, Hong Kong Designers Association Award.

As the company expands into more scopes of design related service, ZAN’S experience and professional strength in OEM, ODM, OBM and licensing activities are more promising, apart from the ZAN’S-branded collection.

ZAN’S Global Limited owns over 100 design patents and trademarks on behalf of Hand-in-Hand, Ecologear, MooMoo, MeeMee, Kati, SurreaLife and more collections in different countries, while ZAN’S has over 200 SKU for its on-going supply.

ZAN'S trademarks


Florence WongFlorence Wong, is the founder of “ZAN’S“, an original Hong Kong brand which was registered worldwide as a trademark of creative designs since 1995 with the establishment of ZAN’S GLOBAL LTD., which carries the mission of JOY, ENTHUSIASM, SURPRISE, UNIQUENESS, and SHARING.

Florence’s design profession was embarked when she was awarded the Hong Kong Young Designer of the Year Award Competition 1987 (Grand Prize), which marked the first and only lady winner for this awards right after her graduation from the HK Polytechnic University. Being awardees of several design awards in succeeding years, namely the HK Governor’s Design Award, HK Awards for Industry, Chartered Society of Designers Design Award, she commenced plenty of expeditionary designs and marketing for a number of worldwide brands, namely Coca-Cola, Disney, Kimberly Clark, Sony Ericsson… and etc., in different areas like time pieces, household utensils, gifts and premiums.

Seeing is believing, Florence’s inspiration of designs is seen in the unique expression of “ZAN’S PHILOSOPHY | LIFE’S CURIOSITY” for ZAN’S products which infiltrate into people’s rhythmic daily routines with enrichment of surprising and fascinating experience to their lives too; and yet keeping her simple mission of articulating her vision, speaking humors, giving surprise, educating concepts and sharing experience… via the substantial platform of “ZAN’S”.

Nowadays, as ZAN’S business continues more extensively, hoping to share further her philosophy in the realm of gifts; as gifts, are always sharing of happy thoughts, moments that can represent life styles of either the sender or the receiver.

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